The Process...Phases of Production

It's come to my attention that for some folks, production is a thing that somehow happens, and tech week is supposed to be exhausting, stressful and chaotic.  The result is usually a whole lot of tech people vowing to never work "there" again.  They do, hoping "this time" it will be better - but the process is just repeated - and the results are predictable.  Kind of like that definition of insanity.

I've found it helpful to break the process into distinct phases:  Concept, Collaboration (Preproduction), Execution (Production), Maintenance (Performances), Strike and After Action (Post Mortem).  They each have their own rhythm and flow.  The transition from one to the next can be murky and overlapping. But to recognize these phases and use them well can be very rewarding.

During the Concept phase, brainstorming, building scenarios, shooting for the stars, and outrageous crazy talk is very valuable to build the vocabulary you'll need to recruit the best talent to take your idea and make it bigger and better.

Collaboration (Preproduction) is when you bring the team together, lay out the game (your concept), and let them play with each other.  They'll need support to meet the challenge, a really solid schedule and a healthy respect for deadlines.

Execution (Production) is where the rubber meets the road.  With really good Pre-production, magic happens.  The pieces fall into place.  Tech week is exciting and energizing.  The cast is thrilled, and the audiences will be too.

This is a wonderful way to make Art.  Happy people make happy audiences.  Happy audiences make money.

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